Music review

Like Moths to Flames Release New Album

After Like Moths to Flames made a name for themselves with their last album When We Don’t Exist, a lot of people were excited to see what will they do next and how will it compare to such a powerful first full-length album. Now we can compare, Like Moths to Flames has just released their newest album An Eye for an Eye and let me start by saying that they are still playing with everything they have. The second album for bands is usually the hardest album to make just for the fact that you don’t want it to sound exactly the same as the previous album or go a completely different direction with their music then they were. An Eye for an Eye doesn’t have any one of those characteristics in it. This time around Like Moths to Flames defiantly brought their “A Game”. The real heavy riffs and breakdowns mixed with some very catching lyrics grabs your attention from the start. It’s a rare mix with metal/hardcore bands. Oddly enough, they also have kind of a pop sound involved when they are not playing all the heavy metal. The song “In Dreams” was one that actually stuck out on the album because it was more laid back and had a lot of pop music influences it seemed in it. It was probably the catchiest tune on the entire album. The opening track (You’ll Burn) on the other hand was such a great way to kick in the album and it gives you the entire feel for what you’re going to be hearing on the album. Overall I was extremely impressed with this album and it’s something worth checking out if you are into the metal/hardcore scene.

Like Moths to Flames is playing in this year’s Warped Tour so don’t miss these guys if you want to see a good show!