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Hawthorne Heights Release New Album

Hawthorne Heights newest album Zero is going to be their fifth full length album that they have released. Expectations are high for this album because it is expected to sell more then all of their previous albums. Hawthorne Heights has already sold over 1.7 million albums in the US alone, so Zero will more than likely break the 2 million mark for them. Zero’s whole theme is based around a setting inspired by the movie Cloverfield from 2008. Not the monster part, but the world that’s around them corrupted and destroyed by war. Throughout the album also, it carries the message that no matter how hard life gets or how many uncontrollable or horrifying odds you may encounter, everyone can get a fresh start.

After listening to Zero a few times, it started to grow on me a bit more. It has a more upbeat pop/punk feel to it with some altenative styles mixed in. When you really listen to it, the lyrics are a little darker then you actually think. The band really went all out on this album since they loaded it up with 15 tracks. Listening to Zero was a nice change a of pace I have to admit. It was enjoyable and brings back that old Warped Tour vibe… which is probably why they are one of the headliner’s at this years Warped Tour. If you happen to be going to Warped Tour this summer check-out Hawthorne Heights supporting their new album a little bit Zero.

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