Evan Andree – “Ancient/Eternal”

On June 11th Atlanta based singer-songwriter Evan Andree released an EP called “Ancient/Eternal.” The music is gentle and spacey, sort of like a simplified late-career Elliot Smith.  Acoustic guitars, sweeping echoes, forlorn lyrics, sitting by the window with a cigarette at three in the morning thinking regretful thoughts songs. Angels and Airwaves come to mind, as does Arcade Fire at their most soft and love-y.

There are pop hooks galore, well suited for a slow dance in a pink suit at your local high school gymnasium. Chet and his cummerbund, Sally with her shoulder pads, head on Chet’s shoulders. A sad slow mirror ball twists.

“Atomic Bombs” is interesting.  A mix of Mumford and Sons and… maybe acoustic Moldy Peaches? (A slightly random comparison for those lucky enough to be down with the Peaches).  There is a nice slow stomp to that track.  It includes jingle bells, multiple forms of unexpected vocal processing, some sweet theatre organ and good ol’ hooky “whoa, whoa – oh” chorus chants.

For all the studio elaboration, the songs are all centered around three basic pillars: Andree’s whispery, sugary vocals, indie-acoustic guitar strumming and the tried and true subject of (wipes away tear) ladies who have been had and lost.  He remembers meeting her at the state fair, then writing songs so he could put her in them…

There, there Evan. Sooner or later, I hope you’ll look back fondly while accepting that she was just a speck in a sandbox.  And the ladies will love that voice of yours, I’m sure.