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Construction & Destruction Offers Two Downloads From New Album Dark Lark

Download “Cato” from Dark Lark:
Introduced by the brooding “Sick Again,” Construction & Destruction’s Dark Lark (out today) offers ten songs that range in topic from rural isolation to the fall of Troy. David Trenaman and Colleen Collins trade off on vocals, each adding unique characteristics to the songs they deliver. On “Pillaged Cache,” Collins leads a broken chorus of insturments as she grows from a delicate whisper to a scream. On “Cato,” Trenaman delivers shambolic electric guitars that would be at home with Neil Young’s work on Zuma. Each of the remaining tracks offer equally distinct characteristics that shows the group at their most far out and their most accomplished.  
Download “The Horse Returns” from Dark Lark:
Collins and Trenaman met in London, Ontario, Canada in 1994. Construction & Destruction started soon after. Dark Lark is the fifth album they’ve put together together. They did so in Port Greville, Nova Scotia, where they’ve lived since 2003 in an old house by the sea. They record, themselves and others, in the Quarantine: their living room studio.
“…it kinda scares the hell right outta me.” – CBC Radio 3
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