Pittsburgh Event

The 4onthefloor Announce Summer Tour With Murder By Death/ June 7@ Smiling Moose Pittsburgh


Click Here To Listen To “King Of The Jungle” Track

Tour Dates


05.23 – JT Cigarros – Fargo, ND
05.24 – The Mill – Iowa City, IA
05.25 – Summer Camp – Chillicothe, IL
05.26 – Bella Music Festival – Clarks Grove, MN
05.28 – Beachland Tavern – Cleveland, OH
05.29 – North Star Bar – Philadelphia, PA
05.30 – Living Social – Washington, DC
05.31 – Wonder Bar – Asbury Park, NJ
06.01 – The Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY
06.02 – Club Metronome – Burlington, VT
06.04 – Cafe Nine – New Haven, CT
06.05 – T.T. The Bears – Cambridge, MA
06.06 – Mountain Jam Festival – Hunter, NY
06.07 – Smiling Moose – Pittsburgh, PA
06.08 – Woodlands Tavern – Columbus, OH
06.09 – Second Sunday – Cincinnati, OH
06.20 – Second Street Stage – Park Rapids, MN
06.21 – Grandma’s Marathon – Duluth, MN
06.27 – Summerfest – Milwaukee, WI
06.28 – Black Cat Bar And Grill – Thief River Falls, MN
07.19 – Ed’s No Name Bar – Winona, WI
07.20 – KAXE Amphitheater – Grand Rapids, MN
07.27 – Taste Of Lincoln – Chicago, IL
08.03 – 08.06 – Buffalo Chip Campground – Sturgis, SD
08.11 – Somerset Amphitheater – Somerset, WI
08.25 – House of Rock – Fargo, ND*
08.27 – The Railyard – Billings, MT*
08.28 – Top Hat – Missoula, MT*
08.29 – The Slice Bar & Grill – Lethbridge, AB*
08.30 – The Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB*
08.31 – The Republik – Calgary, AB*
09.02 – Electric Owl – Vancouver, BC*
09.03 – The Crocodile – Seattle, WA*
09.06 – The Independent – San Francisco, CA*
09.07 – Casbah – San Diego, CA*
09.09 – The Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix, AZ*
09.10 – Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM*
09.13 – Crunchy Frog – Green Bay, WI
09.14 – House Of Rock – Eau Claire – WI
10.26 – The Shitty Barn – Spring Green, WI

*with Murder By Death


The 4onthefloor’s new album, Spirit Of Minneapolis, evokes the spirit of American rebellion. That same pioneering spirit that brought us everything from modern aviation to rock & roll. Harnessing that spirit, the band is using it to break down modern music’s barriers down to our basic musical traditions. That ageless sound of rock & roll isn’t what it used to be, but the rumble of stomping feet emanating from Minneapolis is an omen of great things on the horizon.

The 4/4 beating of the bass drums recalls the American ideal of onward and upward, turning our prevailing spirits to the sky after a reaching the end of the land. The 4-barreled onslaught can be a train building up steam right behind you, the king of the jungle chasing you down, or your wheels on the highway. It’s the soundtrack of America moving forward.

Delta blues, classic rock, and a lifetime of attentive listening have produced a sound whose time has come. The energetic and powerful delivery of this band cannot be overstated. Their huge, soulful anthems leave nothing on the floor as Gabriel Douglas’ guttural howl soars through the ether.

There’s a readiness to be found in listeners now. The fervor of discovery and innovation is coming back to the American masses and the excitement surrounding the birth of rock & roll is now roaring out of the doldrums with a fury. Let go. Take flight. Indulge in life’s pleasures and stomp with them.

Press Quotes

This heavy Minneapolis foursome’s moniker refers to the unique method they employ to keep perfect, 4/4 time: each member hits a bass drum simultaneously with his foot while playing his instrument! A strange setup, yes; but it’s in no way a distraction – they’re so in-sync it sounds like one drumbeat… In addition to their focused, razor-sharp attack, their other secret weapon is the dynamic, jaw-dropping voice of Gabriel Douglas. He effortlessly toggles between a whiskey-fueled, gravelly drawl and a stimulating, larynx shredding bellow. – The Big Takeover

Douglas is about as nice and as warm as a man can be and yet, he’s a barrelhouse of sparks and anguish, of grumbling and steam… He gets riled up and he sometimes sounds like Jim Morrison when he does… It’s the kind of music that you stomp to, that you listen to when you’re a couple drinks in to let yourself feel a little bit better. – Daytrotter .com

Wooly-bearded frontman Gabriel Douglas is a deft rawwwk howler with deep, devilish undertones, sort of an unholy blend of Patterson Hood and Glenn Danzig. And the whole unit has an uncanny tightness, which may or may not come from the inherent fact that they all have to literally play in step. – The Star Tribune

Finally – from Minnesota a quartet of young lions who have released sixteen large slabs of blues that don’t beg for attention – they command your ear and your ear is happy. – The Dead Hub

Lead singer Gabriel Douglas’ grizzly baritone navigating the band’s twangy guitar and four (yes, four) bass drum rhythm section as if he’s just swallowed a razor blade and a shot of Bulleit Bourbon, respectively. Scratch that – straight up moonshine might be a more appropriate descriptor. – The Vinyl District

A sell-out is one thing, but keeping a packed crowd intensely involved for an entire show is another. They had the crowd singing/howling along to “Lionehearted” and “Junkie” at the start of the set as loudly as they did for “On Tuesdays” and “Undertow” near the end, and it was the rare rock show where folks actually danced on the dance floor. – The Star Tribune

Despite rolling in after a 13-hour drive from Indiana, the 4onthefloor boys showed no sign of fatigue, rumbling through a half-hour of barroom bangers and knocking the crowd on its metaphorical backside. While their thick, raucous sound is more befitting of a dirty dive bar than the plush Varsity, filling a large room seemed like old hat for the quartet, led by bushy-bearded frontman Gabriel Douglas. Douglas even ditched the stage late in the show to rock out in the audience, beer stein in hand. How can you not love a frontman who informs the crowd that the next five songs will all be about drinking? – Vita.mn

Armed with four beer steins and four kick drums, the 4onthefloor tore through a set of punchy, bluesy stompers that resulted in more than a few sing-alongs in the sweaty crowd. – City Pages