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Whitechapel Blew Up Club Zoo… Quite Literally                

Hailing from Knoxville Tennessee, Whitechapel brings the heavy back to heavy metal.  There is no limit for how heavy their music can honestly get.  If you don’t believe me, just check-out their re-mastered version of their first album “The Somatic Defilement” that was just re-released not even a month ago.  After seeing Whitechapel numerous times since they started playing seven years ago, they keep getting better and better every single time and just keep raising the bar.  This time around was another story.  This would be a show just to kind of forget.  Not because of their performance, but because the venue could not handle the intensity of their music.  One would think that Club Zoo would have prepared for this concert a little bit better but they did not.  The sound was absolutely terrible the whole night for all of the bands.  Whitechapel just got the worst of it,  having technical problems the whole set from start to finish.  The speakers kept on giving out to the point where there was nothing even coming out of them.  People were beyond ticked off but who could blame them?  On another note, I give Whitechapel all the credit in the world for keeping it professional and staying on stage, plus getting the crowd really into it by helping them scream the songs and keeping it going… talk about fan support, which is probably the only reason why they even stayed on stage.  All and all it was still a solid performance by Whitechapel.  Club Zoo on the other hand is a place I would rather not step foot in again for not knowing how to run their own sound system, which ruined the show for a lot of people.  The good news is that Whitechapel is returning to Pittsburgh for their next tour which they will be headlining.  Believe me when I tell you that this is a band you do not want to miss, do not judge them from the show at Club Zoo, go see them again in a few months.

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