Job For A Cowboy Leave Pittsburgh Tongueless and Bound (Pix and Interview Included)

Last night Metal Blade Recording artist, Job For A Cowboy, swept into Pittsburgh for the first night of their tour with Hatebreed, Every Time I Die, Terror and This is Hell.  What followed was nothing short of brutality.  The good kind.

Having released “Demonacracy” a year ago in April 2012, JFAC has been hitting the road hard.  Despite the revolving door policy that has plagued the band since inception, the current line-up showed a very tight and concise maturity from the first note.  Running through a good bit of their new material, peppered in with some classics and a little Pantera jam, JFAC definitively showed why they continue to rise in the ranks of death metal, if not metal in general.

This was my first time experiencing the shear strength and tonality that Jonny Davy can manipulate from his pipes.  Many of you might think that someone who has the ability to sing in the fashion many death metal bands do are all the same, but I can assure you that this is not true.  Jonny has some very distinct nuances that can be discerned in each song and it really adds to what the band is doing.  On top of that,  Al Glassman and Tony Sannicandro make a great duo of rhythm guitar and lead guitar respectively.  Tony seems to have added some new dimensionsal aspects with his playing while Al, Nick Schendzielos (bass), and Jon “The Charn” Rice (drums) lay down the crunching driving force that keeps each tune moving at merciless speed.

We here at Pittsburgh Music Mag are seriously looking forward to Job For A Cowboy coming back when they hit the Mayhem Festival and come back to our backwoods July 12.  Until then, we’ll be keeping the Jameson capped for them…

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Jonny Davy post-set with Alan of PMM

Jonny Davy post-set with Alan of PMM

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  1. I was at this show at Mr. Smalls. I really thought it was a fantastic concert! Thanks for sharing your pictures and great interview! Enjoyed learning more about him and his band!!

  2. I was at this show last night at Mr. Smalls! Thank you for sharing your pictures and great interview! Enjoyed learning more about him and his band!