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Davey Suicide Lives Up to the Hype in Pittsburgh

“So, did we live up to the hype?”  This is what Davey Suicide questions me after his bands’ set at Altar Bar in Pittsburgh.  I definitely think Davey and his band lived up to the hype and I personally had a great time experiencing an up and coming band making all the right moves and following their passion.  With a sound and visual aspect part Manson part NIN all electro goth fury, Davey Suicide provides what many bands have forgotten in this day and age…the show.  They prove that a band on a budget can still provide quite a bang for the buck ( Davey and company actually did a kickstarter campaign to get a lot of their stage lights and set).  Davey is  very ambitious, intelligent, well spoken, and  poised to make a name in a very tough business as you will see in this interview…

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Video: Jesus Sadida

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COO of Pittsburgh Music Magazine, Alan, meets with Davey Suicide

COO of Pittsburgh Music Magazine, Alan, meets with Davey Suicide

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