The Girls Of Metal 4: GQ Girl and Raider Nation Rep Metal Cindy

Maybe you read about her in the last issue of GQ Magazine (Bill Murray on the cover). Maybe you spied her in the Oakland Raiders parking lot taking pictures with fans. Or maybe you caught her on Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Regardless, Metal Cindy is making the scene and her mark in her own special way wherever she goes. Cindy was kind enough to be a part of our spotlight feature “Girls of Metal” and gives us the lowdown on what this newbie to the Bay has going on. She is so beautiful, kind, and giving we may just even have to forgive her for not liking The Steelers…


How do you feel about your portrayal and the reaction from the article “The Violent Femmes of Football” in GQ?

If I could only change the title that would be great, but it’s too late, it’s been published. I wish they could’ve fixed the title like ‘The Women That Love Football’ or something that sounds good; not violent, because I’m not violent. That’s not what we represent. One thing I don’t like is when people twist our words when I spend my whole time giving them so many positive thoughts about my team. (I’d like to see more of ) What I love to do such as welcome the away gamers, take pics, do our charity events, toy drives, my San Jose Raider drive booster, club events, non-profit organizations and so much good stuff. We already get so much (of a) reputation as crazy, but not everyone is like that, we superfans represent a good reputation.


Your moniker is Metal Cindy- so what metal or non-metal bands are you listening to now? Who are your faves?

I grew up listening to classic rock and metal all my life, but when I want to have my time to rleax I listen to oldies and soft music. My fave artists of all time would be Kiss, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Testament, Def Leoppard. And non metal?
I’m an honest person when it comes to music, I like Christina Aguilera, alicia Keys and many amazing artists. I just love
music…if it’s good I listen.


Have you met any bands due to your “celebrity” status? Who would you most like to meet?

I have met a lot of band members, especially at the NAMM show. I met so many artists and I have actually kept in contact with few of them. I already met the person I had been wanting to meet, Gene Simmons, and I was so happy to be part of his TV show Family Jewels. I guest appeared as a Gene Simmons model a couple years ago at Hollywood, CA…this was for the roast they did of him, with all the comedians.


What first drove you to become a ‘superfan’ of The Oakland Raiders and create the Metal Cindy persona?

My name Metal Cindy has been around forever. It started first by me modeling and working with bands to model their merchandise.
Then it lead me to interview bands including big known bands such as Sin Quirin the guitarist of Ministry, Brujeria (extreme metal band from LA), James Kottak of the Scorpions and a lot of underground metal bands. Then I’ve done a lot of hosting at clubs such as BATCAVE in Hollywood. After that I had my own venue where I did Sunday shows. I, myself, was the promoter and called it METALCINFUL SUNDAYS. As far as being a Raiders fan, my family are all Raiders fans. That was the first sport I ever got into and loved, and I started to follow from there, so its been forever. I just love the whole atmosphere on gameday. As a superfan I’m just like any regular Raider fan out there and I don’t label myself number one or bigger than any other fan. I just love supporting my team. I’m a very supportive person and not afraid to show something that i love and that’s being myself…Metal Cindy.


What is happening now with your aspiring modeling career?

Right now I’ve been doing some work here and there, looking to do some different themes to model. I’ts always great to change it up. But for now I’m just concentrating on music more.

Are you drawn to dark fetish work and art? What type of work do you ultimately want to get involved with?

I hosted a fetish club in Hollywood called Batcave L.A. and appeared also in some fetish events, its just for fun
as a hobby, nothing more than that, no torture (lol).

What are your goals and aspirations for the next few years?

Music! My band I just recently formed called KISSERS. It’s an all girl female KISS tribute band to go on tour. And of course at the moment I’m hitting the studio to record original music with other projects I’m working on.

What other types of things are you into when football season is over?

When the season is over we still continue to do our charityies and our booster club events. Raider Nation is always happening
and we Raiders fans always keep it going all year round, Raider Nation is 365 days a year, it’s 24/7… 24hours a day 7 days a week. I’m also an artist. I love to paint and do clay figures for fun too.

Besides the Raiders, what are your favorite things about Oakland and the surrounding area?

I just moved from Hollywood, California, still new to the Bay. I’ve got two years living here and I’m still building my roots.
But the Bay is very beautiful so far and what’s best is that I met a lot of people in the music industry.

Any feelings about the Pittsburgh Steelers?
Not a Pittsburgh fan (lol). I focus on my team and stick to my team.

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