Brazilian Natives Mindflow Take On Pittsburgh With Their Bare Hands

Opening the 2013 Take Action Tour is Mindflow, a multi-genre hardcore band hailing from Brazil. The beginnings of Mindflow developed 10 years ago when Rafael Pensado and Rodrigo Hidalgo were in Australia. ‘“Rodrigo and I were both always in cover bands,” explains Rafael, “but we both felt that we should be writing our own music so we started working together with me on drums and Rodrigo on guitar”. Meanwhile, back in Brazil, Ricardo Winandy was busy learning to play a variety of instruments before settling on the bass guitar. At the same time, young Danilo Herbert was singing with a series of local bands while learning everything he could about vocal technique and music theory. When Rafael and Rodrigo returned to Brazil a year later, they met Ricardo and a mutual respect for one another’s abilities brought them together, first as an instrumental unit developing their original sound. “Once we left high school, we were ready to devote our time and our lives to the band,” announces Rodrigo, “so we set about trying to find a vocalist.” “The auditions went on endlessly,” recalls Ricardo, “these guys would all come in bragging about all they’d done and how great they were and then they would start singing……..” But when a producer friend brought Danilo in, the other guys knew they had found their singer. They named themselves MindFlow, set about composing material, rehearsing, and planning for their future (

Now on their third release, Mindflow have put out a record with legendary producer, Ben Grosse (Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, Slipknot, Disturbed, etc.). Pittsburgh heard a vast array of the material from songs like “Breakthrough” and “With Bare Hands” the band’s pop sensibilities and ability for commercial success shine through. But, tunes such as “Thrust Into This Game” give way to the band’s hardcore influences and really got the audience fired up. It will be interesting to see where Mindflow develops as they are exposed to more and more American audiences. They certainly have the right attitude and are all very gracious guys. Check out our intimate talk with the guys backstage at Stage AE in Pittsburgh…









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