Music review

My Gold Mask’s Debut Album Leave Me Midnight Due Out February19th


MY GOLD MASK, a duo hailing from Chicago, have come out of the gates running with their debut album Leave Me Midnight due out in stores on February 19th. At times the album is stark, minimal, intimate and enchantingly haunting, while at others pulsing, energetic and anthematic.  They have crafted a very rich, textural sound that while containing reminiscent elements remains unique and individual.  There are moments hinting at the bleak warmth of The XX in a backdrop of Florence And The Machine’s rhythm section. Others seem like a balancing act between the  Coceau Twins and Morrissey. Others still are edging on some kind of frantic mash-up between the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Bat For Lashes.  However, even though all of these moments are present in the new MY GOLD MASK album, in no way does this duo sound like a knock off of any of these acts.  Pitchfork has said that  “…the bottled lightning of ‘Violet Eyes’ makes My Gold Mask a band to watch.”  Fader says “My Gold Mask gets mega sounds and emotion out of two instruments, their tense guitar whorls and crackling warbles perfect for this rainy morning”.  MY GOLD MASK have created a skillful, thoughtful, and interesting debut album that, in a sea of somewhat forgettable rock albums, actually warrants repeated listens.