International SXSW Performing Artist The Away Days Release New Single

Istanbul’s dreamy indie rock quartet, The Away Days are at the beginning of a beautiful dream. They’ve been added to the roster of amazing bands to see at this year’s South By Southwest Music Festival. Their shimmery guitars and melodic hooks place them in the global community of indie rock and SXSW will put them up on the global stage. They’ve already drawn the attention of The Guardian, KEXP and other international press and adding to that the release of “Dressing Room” off their debut EP How Did It All Start will surely turn the spotlights their way. With frontman, Oguzcan Ozen’s voice perfectly balanced between croon and moan and the catchy, heart-swelling anthemic music behind it, “Dressing Room” is a tune that won’t soon be forgotten.

Take one spin through Etsy’s many artists from Istanbul and you’ll see beautiful craftsmanship and gorgeous work. It’s an easy assumption to make, then, that the city would abound with well-crafted, detailed indie rock, an art form that often goes hand-in-hand with this type of craftsmanship. While indie rock quartet, The Away Days, surely fit the bill, they are a minority in the Istanbul scene. No matter. The Away Days have gained some recognition in their hometown, but their sights are set on the global stage. This dreamy indie rock band is more at home with the likes of shimmery guitars and melodic hooks associated with UK bands like The Foals and The Maccabees, hail from the global community of indie rock, rather than a local scene.

The Away Days have impressed with their debut EP How Did it All Start. They plan to tour The UK at the start of 2013 and will start recording their debut record with Jag Jago, producer of The Maccabees’ latest record.