Southern California’s NO BRAGGING RIGHTS have debuted a brand new video for their single “Repeater” today.

Directed by veteran director Josh Knoff (As I Lay Dying, Asking Alexandria), NBR offers their support for our country’s men and women enlisted in the armed forces and the struggles they deal with upon returning home. Lead singer Mike Perez offers his thoughts:

“I’m happy but not just because it’s my favorite track off the album, but because of the message behind it. Also, I’m glad we went the soldier route. I don’t think people understand the emotional strain some of them have to deal with when returning back to normal life.”

“Cycles finds No Bragging Rights at arguably their best work without cutting away the things that would attract you to them in the first place.” –

“Mike Perez’s ability to leap from gravelly yell to a soaring harmony is far beyond that of his peers.” –

“If you thought No Bragging Rights struck gold with “Illuminator,” just wait until you hear “Cycles.” – Outburn Magazine

“Be sure to check out Cycles, one of the most heart-filled releases of 2012.” –