Bam Margera Party at Pittsburgh’s Ironworks

Bill and the Boys at Concert Chaos Entertainment just keep bringing the most interesting and hottest hard acts to Pittsburgh. The intimate venue is an awesome place to see the bands that bring the grime, funk, and fury of metal/punk/hardcore/metalcore/death metal/(stick in your favorite hard genre here reader). The atmosphere is as welcoming as the bands- if you love that camaraderie that brings all of us geeks and freaks together. So, it was no surprise when Chaos brought Bam Margera and his travelling party to the ‘Burgh.
With special guests such as A BREATHLESS SEPTEMBER, WE MUST SAVE THE PRINCESS, LIOTTA, THE FAILSAFE, ROYAL REVISE, ARCANE HAVEN, LADY VADER ENT, ATHENS, CHAIN THE SCYLLA, DETHLEHEM, a DJ Set by: BLACK DADDY (Hardstyle / Trap), and ONLY FLESH: FLESH HOOK FREAK SHOW, there was an amazing lot of talent from Pittsburgh and from across the country. But of course, the people were here to see Bam. And Bam gave the crowd not only himself, but CKY as his backing band (collectively known as FUCKFACE). Plus, Bam’s famous father Phil and Mom April were there to top it all off and hang out with the audience.
A little bit metal, a little bit punk, and whole lotta fun; Bam brought the goods. Playing all sorts of heavy tunes and covers, Bam’s band was having a great time and that infectious energy was absorbed and reverted right back out to the band and all who were there. With plenty of what were more than likely inside jokes peppered with some raucous drunken stage banter, the event had the feeling of those basement party throwdowns of your past with these great seedy little bands that made you want to party and punch (this is a good thing people). The circle pits were in full effect, the place was packed, the bar was slammed with customers (and kudos to the bartenders who handled it all), the bands mingled and took pix with all…Pittsburgh Music Magazine would have to say it was an event that was not only successful, but just goes to show that entertainment is not dead in this town but alive and well.
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3 thoughts on “Bam Margera Party at Pittsburgh’s Ironworks

  1. The CKY line-up are a group of guys who just want to rock out (It was great seeing Deisy on the bass again, he’s a missed member of CKY). Bam sang good, really good. It suited the songs. CKY are one of the most personal bands live. Hanging out with the fans, before and after set.

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