Blind The Sky To Try Out For America’s Got Talent

Progressive Rock band Blind The Sky will be trying out for the Alabama portion of America’s Got Talent. Blind The Sky is a rock band that has found it’s strength in going against the common grain. Long and dynamic un-commercialized songs, but with electric drums, guitar synthesizers, and drum activated lights? That doesn’t sound like a rock/metal band, ..does it?

From their website

Blind The Sky is a band with the mentality of “why not.” Why can’t a rock band write long dynamic songs without droning on the same riff for 15 minutes? Why can’t a rock band play what the music dictates instead of what is conventional? Most Commercial music on the radio today is like fast food. Its convenience is the only thing that makes it appealing. What you pay for is grease, a spare tire on your waist line, and its way too easy to swallow. The band has always found its strength going against the common grain. Blind The Sky is a band like many others reincarnated from the ashes of previous bands. The band started out in early 2007, thru many transitions, Dave Kelly and Daniel Holderer remained the key members of the band. In early 2010 Mike Hollander joined the band completing the lineup.

Dave has been playing guitar and singing most of his life in various different bands. Dave is the lead vocalist, guitar/synth player and is a major writing force in the group. At the formation of Blind The Sky Dave started becoming influenced by electronic sounds blended with rock. This led to his discovery of guitar synth which added a new dimension to the band’s sound.

Daniel started playing drums to make banging beats for your booty. Daniel plays electronic percussion triggering lights mixed with keyboards, background vocals, and adds to the songwriting. Daniel feels drums signify celebration, like the first caveman banging on a buffalo skin.

Mike like Dave, has been playing guitar and bass in various different bands most of his life. A lover of music, Mike has come to the theory that 90 percent of any genre of music at any given time is crap and the other 10 percent is great. Mike plays bass, sings backing vocals and adds a Zen-like approach to the music.

Blind The Sky is a band that’s passion for music knows no boundaries. They create music that includes many different genres and moods blended into one unique style. With only three members their sound is one. To sum all this into all in one word.

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