Hendrix Sells Out at 70?

Jimi Hendrix would be 70 years old this month. Seems Experience Hendrix, LLC will celebrate in grand fashion by launching a clothing line at Bloomingdale’s. Since his father started Experience Hendrix so that Jimi’s name would not be exploited, one must question whether this is exactly what his son would have wanted.
Listen, people have been ripping off Jimi’s image for years to sell clothing. That shirt you bought at the boardwalk, pretty sure not officially licensed. So, his family might as well have some control and hopefully continue to release some cool stuff without over saturating the market with junk (are you listening Gene Simmons?).
Bloomingdale’s will reportedly have designs with ‘some of Hendrix’s most famous lyrics on t-shirts, men’s dress shirts, cufflinks, scarves and hoodies…including Jimi’s actual handwritten lyrics incorporated into the fabric prints’.
Janie Hendrix, Jimi’s stepsister, reportedly stated, “Jimi’s words, music and handwriting have been cherished by so many for so long and this underscores how resonant his art has been all this while and, certainly into the future.”
The launch will be happening this Thursday in NYC with Janie Hendrix and Billy Cox in attendance.

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