The Angel Mary and The Tennessee Werewolves Interview

Closed minded people who will not listen to any types of “country music” need not read any further. But, if you like all genres of music, and can appreciate a great crossover band with influences ranging from Johnny Cash to Pink Floyd to Lynyrd Skynrd…well proceed this way.

Angel Mary and The Tennessee Werewolves are hitting the road on a radio tour, as you read this, and new fans are blowing up the phone lines requesting ‘Cowboy’, their latest single. The Nashville based band draws a huge influence from Johnny Cash and his multi-genre influences, as well as other cross over bands such as Alabama, Kentucky Head Hunters, added in with some outlaw country like David Allen Coe and Merle Haggard. As they push themselves to the limit getting up at 4AM to do morning drive interviews, Angel Mary and The Tennessee Werewolves are in constant motion promoting the EP produced by Doug Phelps and developing work in various genres. Entertainers at heart, all the members are actors as well as musicians much like Kris Kristofferson. Angel Mary has been on shows like ‘Ugly Betty’ and movies such as ‘The Other Guys’. Even though the road offers long hours and lack of sleep, the trio are soaking up all the culture in every city, especially the rich history of some of the venues. What follows is an interview that reveals a fun-loving group with a serious attitude about the music business: Angel Mary and The Tenn Werewolves Interview