Machina’s To Live and Die in the Garden of Eden

Machina is the ex-Evanescence and Future Leaders of The World members first album release for San Francisco indie metal label, Rogue Records America.

Originally from Little Rock, AK, Phil Taylor (former Future Leaders of the World) and John Le Compt (ex-Evanescence) met on the local metal scene between breaks working and touring with their former bands. The two established a musical connection and decided to work together on a shared project with a sound distinct from their better-known bands—MACHINA.

The result is To Live and Die in the Garden of Eden, which contains 11 melodic hard rock tracks including first single ‘Crown’. “Crown” is just what you would expect from Taylor and Le Compt- radio friendly hard edged melodic metal rock in the vein of Stone Sour meets Fuel type fare. Phil Taylor’s vocals have that familiar raspy feel combined with the ability to carry the melody and can compete with the best of them. Standouts include, ‘This Goodbye’ which is more of an acoustic rocker that fits well with the tempo of the record. In fact, the presence of acoustic guitars are equally felt in the mix with the crunching electric throughout the entire record. Other stand out tracks include ‘Trust’ with its haunting melody and searing guitar and the dark ‘Marie’ that has elements of NIN and Marilyn Manson. It would be no surprise if Machina is dominating the airwaves very soon. If you dig melodic power rock/metal this effort definitely needs to be on your immediate download/purchase list. The album was recorded at The Sound Kitchen in Nashville, TN with Grammy-winning producer Toby Wright.

To Live and Die in The Garden of Eden is released by Rogue Records America and is available NOW for digital download at iTunes and other digital retailers. CD’s will be available by mail order through CM Distro.

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