Concert Review

Hatebreed, Whitechapel, All Shall Perish, & Deez Nuts Tear Up Stage AE 11/11/12

On the last night of their 10 Years of Perseverance Tour together, Hatebreed, Whitechapel, All Shall Perish, and Deez Nuts came to throw down one last time in Pittsburgh at Stage AE on the Northside. An unusually thin crowd, due to the simultaneous Steeler game, got the intimate treat of a lifetime with some surviving legends and some legends in the making.

Hatebreed brought the reputation they have built for so many years and backed it up with a hardcore set that had fans belting out the tunes in unison with the band. For many it was a throwback to their youthful times and the energy of the band and crowd combined for one eruptive set.

Relative newbies compared to Hatebreed’s career span, Whitechapel and All Shall Perish showed why they both are at the top of their genre. Some in the crowd were a bit put off by the growling lyrics that are not as easily understood as the headliners. But, there is a legion of fans who love the stylings of these bands. Many in the crowd sang right along with Whitechapel, knowing every word, including the new stuff. All Shall Perish also won over quite a few of that crowd who may not be as familiar with them. They had an outstanding set as well of in your face metal that combines guttural vocals, quick paced pounding rhythms and technically proficient guitars. The only band that seemed out of place was Deez Nuts who attempted to entertain the crowd with their brand of rap and hardcore metal with a Brooklyn attitude. Pittsburgh may not have responded very well, but there is a certain niche for bands like this, unfortunately for them they went the way of Fred Durst.

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