Sylver Tongue (Charlotte Hatherley of Ash / Bat For Lashes) Releases New EP

Sylver Tongue is pleased to announce the release of her debut EP Something Big on Dancing Coins – the new label from a collective that includes Mute artist Al Spx of Cold Specks – on November 6th.

Sylver Tongue is the new project from Charlotte Hatherley – in this guise she uses battered old Juno keyboards to write the wounded pop songs that define a new chapter in her career. The name of the project is equally inspired by Phillip Pullman’s heroine Lyra Silvertongue and Japan frontman David Sylvian.

The title track from the EP is a powerful juggernaut of a single which showcases Charlotte’s compelling and melodic vocals alongside riotous percussion and robotic guitar solos.

‘Something Big’ sits nicely alongside early teaser ‘Hook You Up’ – a perfect slice of pop – which is deservedly given it’s first physical release on the EP. ‘Faraway Sun’ is another brand new track on the EP and demonstrates a darker, cinematic side to Sylver Tongue’s sound. Sedate, but no less arresting. The EP will be released digitally and on 12” vinyl and will also feature blog hyped debut single ‘Creatures’ – not previously available as physical.