Redlight King Intends to Stay on Top

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Seems like Mark Kasprzyk is everywhere these days; on the radio, on the Avengers soundtrack, on the Rockstar Uproar Tour. Who is Mark Kasprzyk you say? And why haven’t you heard of him? Well, you have.
Better known by his stage name Kazzer or as the creative genius behind Redlight King, Kaz (as his friends seem to call him) has been in the spotlight of the music business since 2002 when “Go for Broke” was released and the single “Petal to the Metal” became a hit. The single was featured on a few TV shows and soundtracks including “The Italian Job”.

So, Kaz is on the rise and he’s getting recognized and winning awards and touring. Then Epic records goes through some changes and Kaz has moves on to Linus Entertainment out of Canada (where he is originally from). Seems like Mark gets some bad deals at this point in his career and he learns the hard way how rough the “biz” can be. Undaunted, Kazzer starts the project Redlight King (Hollywood Records) and scores the mother of all legs up. He writes a brilliant song about an old man and thinks that a sample of Neil Young’s “Old Man” would compliment the song quite nicely. He asks Young’s permission through the channels and two months later Godfather Neil gives his blessing cause he digs Kaz’s tune.
“Old Man” blows up and Kaz is back on top.

Kaz has since had great success with singles “Bullet in my Hand” and “Comeback” which was featured on The Avengers soundtrack.

Last week The Rockstar Uproar Tour rolled into Pittsburgh and Kaz was kind enough to invite Pittsburgh Music Magazine onto his bus for a personal interview. What follows (after some ribbing about all my camera equipment) is a very introspective interview with the soft spoken man about his past, his equipment, his band, and his future: Redlight King