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Pittsburgh Gets The Treatment

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-All photos Alan Welding/Pittsburgh Music Magazine

If you came late to the Motley Crue and KISS show on Sunday in Pittsburgh, what you missed was an up and coming band who is a complete throwback to good time rock n roll. The Treatment are gaining fans across the world for their unabashed love of classic power rock. The Pittsburgh crowd absolutely loved these guys. Their CD’s were being scooped up right alongside all the Kiss and Crue merchandise- which is no easy feat. The Treatment made sure to make appearances after Crue and after KISS played, connecting with a new fan base that will serve them well. As previewed earlier here in PMM (, The LP “This Might Hurt” is an instant classic with so many rockers it will certainly be blasting out of your speakers for a long time to come. Obviously growing up watching AC/DC, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Motley Crue, KISS, Aerosmith, and all the classic good time bands- these guys not only put out a great musical effort- they back it up on stage. Their sound and show was brilliant, especially for an opening band with two of the biggest legends in rock who are also their heroes. The Treatment performed under the pressure and really won over what would usually be a non-interested crowd. By all means, if you have the opportunity to catch these guys on the remaining dates of “The Tour”, please get there early and feast your eyes and ears on true talent. We can only hope these guys stay on this side of The Pond for awhile and continue to entertain us.

For a little history on the band their official bio states, “The Treatment were formed in 2008, when founder member drummer Dhani Mansworth was still at school in Cambridge . Although only 15 at the time he already had a clear vision of the kind of band he wanted to form. Having grown up on a diet of ACDC, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith he began to put the band together under the watchful eye of his father guitarist and manager Laurie Mansworth (More, Airrace, Roadstar).

Having had little success with local musicians he decided to go further afield. First to join the line up was 18 year old Ben Brookland from Tadley, he shared the same passion for classic bands as Dhani. Ben’s unique guitar style suited the bill perfectly. Soon after came bass player Rick Newman (aka Swoggle) also 15. Rick’s enthusiasm and solid bass sound fitted perfectly. Rick suggested that the band audition Tagore Grey his school friend and guitarist from Petersfield. Rick’s recommendation was spot on as Tag’s guitar style was exactly what they had been looking for. The boys passion for the band was proved when they all packed bags and moved to Cambridge were they shared a home with The Mansworths so they could focus completely on the band and rehearse on a daily basis.

After a 6 month search they found the final piece of the jigsaw. Matt Jones a 17 year old wonder kid hailing from Norwich . His high energy rock vocals was exactly what the guys were looking for. Matt moved to Cambridge within 1 week of joining the band and after locking themselves away to refine their sound, they emerged one year later, they were ready to showcase”.

Some stellar reviews:
“What [THE TREATMENT] also possess is a surprisingly mature approach to writing and performing songs. Which is why This Might Hurt sounds vibrant, even after several listens. They’ve been called the new Def Leppard. In truth, the album suggests THE TREATMENT are their own masters.” – Classic Rock Magazine, January 2012
“These young Brits delivered a brash, Jager-swilling, all night party of a debut that fizzed with endless energy and power.” – Kerrang!, December 2011