Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament and His Side Project RNDM

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament and his longtime drumming collaborator Richard Stuverud team with singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur in the new band RNDM. The group’s debut album, “Acts,” features 12 songs recorded by Pearl Jam engineer Brett Eliason during a four-day session this April at Ament’s Montana studio. “Acts” crackles with a plug-and-play spontaneity, from concise blasts of rock’n’roll like “Letting Go Of Will” and distinctly Pearl Jam-my numbers such as “Throw You To The Pack” and “Look Out!,” to blissed-out jams like “Hollow Girl” and the soulful, wah-wah guitar-tinged “Williamsburg.”

“It felt like those first bands you’re in, where the first few weeks you ate and slept and breathed the music that you were working on,” Ament says. “All you did was hum those songs until you got to the next practice. I was completely open to whatever was going to happen, and I know Joseph was too.”

RNDM will release their debut album “Acts” on October 30 and tour North America this fall. For more info visit:

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