Adam Ant: Still Standing and Delivering (Live in Pittsburgh at Stage AE)

As I watched Adam Ant gyrate and dance around the stage on Friday night in Pittsburgh, It hit me, I have been listening to this mans music the majority of my life. That’s one hell of an accomplishment considering I am no spring chicken.  The 80’s marked the dawn of my crush on Adam Ant. I have to admit, There is something about a sexy man that can pull off wearing make up and a pirate hat that gets me going. Although Adam did not speak one word to the crowd until after at least 5-6 songs, everyone was captivated. At 58 years of age, Adam’s voice is as strong now as it was 20+ years ago. His band is just as talented as he is with two drummers adding that extra rhythm one expects from Adam Ant.

Although it was not a completely sold out show at Stage AE, there was not one person in the crowd (including my metal head husband) that was not dancing when hits such as “Ant Music”, “Desperate But Not Serious”, “Stand and Deliver” and “Goody Two Shoes” were played. Adam’s newer music seems to have taken a more alternative/rock turn as opposed to his pop past and wow, is it good.  At times leaning towards the sounds of his new wave counterparts The Cult, Adam’s new material is  stunningly relevant and poignant.  This is Adam Ant’s largest North American tour in 18 years to support his new album, “Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter”. In expectation of the tour Adam spoke to several media outlets:

“Fans can expect a massive, full-on musical attack that’s bigger and better than ever,” Adam says.  “It took years to record this very personal and intimate album.  And I’m excited to share the experience with my friends and fans.”

In concert, fans can expect all of the hits including “Goody Two Shoes”, “Stand and Deliver”, “Prince Charming”, “Ant Music”, “Strip”and “Wonderful” as well as deep cuts from Adam’s early days and selections from the new album.  The new album, a musical autobiography with 17 musical stories about Adam’s life featuring collaborations with Boz Boorer (Morrissey), debuted at #8 on TheOfficial Chart in the UK and climbed to #3 on the UK Indie Albums Chart.  Adam absolutely delivered on all promised and more when he visted Pittsburgh.  it was one of the most intimate and stunning shows of the year that took his older fans back to their heyday and won them over again, as well as showed the “newbies” why this man is an icon for the ages and still continues to pump out awesome quality tunes…no one hit hit wonder like so many of today’s fare.

Many people know that Adam, one of the most recognized faces of the 80s who has sold more than 40 million records, lived in Los Angeles for several years while pursuing film roles.  But most people never knew that later in life he quietly bought a house and lived in the small town of Dayton, Tennessee.  With its swampy, southern flavor, “Cool Zombie”, the debut single, speaks to this aspect of his life.

“I lived in Tennessee for a couple of years,” Adam recalls. “And after a while I started to think about music. I missed it, the creative process and the live side of it.”

The first part of the album’s enigmatic title is a nod to Adam’s iconic “Kings of the Wild Frontier” character who wore the trademark white stripe.  Adam now refers to the character as The Blueblack Hussar, a fictional reference to a European cavalry hussar officer ofthe 19th Century.   The second half of the title, “Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter”, is the name given to a form of 18th Century naval punishment chosen to reflect some of his experiences in the music business.

Now, Adam has released this album on his own label, Blueblack Hussar Records.  This is available in a deluxe double-gatefold vinyl edition as well as a CD with a 36-page deluxe booklet.

For more information, visit

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MARRYING THE GUNNER’S DAUGHTER (New song – Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter is an old naval term for being bent over a cannon and flogged.  This reminds Adam of some of his experiences with major record labels)












VINCE TAYLOR (This new song about the European rock star is about a friend, French Valerie, who gave Adam a gift – Vince’s gold-plated chain)


COOL ZOMBIE (This new song speaks to Adam’s time living in Tennessee and his neighbor Ronnie B. who introduced him to great country music)



















2013 North American Tour Dates for Adam Ant & The Good TheMad &The Lovely Posse


Revolution Center

Boise, ID


Vogue Theatre

Vancouver, BC


Showbox at the Market

Seattle, WA


Roseland Theatre

Portland, OR


Grand Sierra Resort & Casino

Reno, CA


Ace of Spades

Sacramento, CA


The Regency Theatre

San Francisco, CA


The Republik

Honolulu, HI


Tower Theatre

Fresno, CA


Fremont Theater

San Luis Obispo, CA


Hard Rock Café on the Strip

Las Vegas, NV


Biography for Adam Ant

Twitter @AdamAofficial


In 1980, millions of UK TV viewers saw Adam and the Ants perform ‘Dog Eat Dog’ on Top of the Pops.  The phenomenon began andthey would dominate the charts for several years.  But this was no overnight success.  It had been the culmination of years of toil starting at Hornsey College of Art where Adam formed the band Bazooka Joe. With Adam on bass, they played around London and, in 1975, Adam’s life changed when he saw The Sex Pistols play their first-ever gig supporting Bazooka Joe at St. Martins College of Art.  He formed The Ants and in 1979 they released their debut album, ‘Dirk Wears White Søx’ that topped the independent chart.  In 1980,the Ants left Adam to work with former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren.

Adam put his new ‘warrior’ sound into practice and soon had a fresh band including two drummers.  They signed a major-label dealand recorded the album ‘Kings of the Wild Frontier’ that became a huge hit, spent 12 weeks at number one and won a ‘Best New Artist’ Brit Award.  Antmania swept the nation.  ‘Stand and Deliver’ hit the number-one spot for five weeks and earned Adam an Ivor Novello award.  ‘Prince Charming’ also hit number one and another 12 singles went Top 30.  At one point, Adam had eight singles inthe top 40 in one week!  ‘Goody Two Shoes’ crowned both the UK and Australian charts.  In the USA, Adam earned a ‘Best New Artist’ GRAMMY nomination in 1982.

His first solo album, ‘Friend or Foe’, delivered three top-twenty hits on the USA Billboard Top 100 chart and in 1983 he appeared onthe ‘Motown 25 Special’(NBC) alongside Michael Jackson who performed his moonwalk dance for the first time.  Adam’s second solo album, ‘Strip’, produced the top-five UK hit ‘Puss in Boots’, but the BBC banned the video and the song for the follow-up single ‘Strip’.  While recording his third solo album ’Vive Le Rock’ with producer Tony Visconti, Adam started an acting career by appearing in a theatre production.  In 1985 Adam performed ‘Vive Le Rock’ at Live Aid and the next few years were devoted to acting in films including Nomads, Love BitesandSlam Dance and TV shows such as The Equalizer, Tales from the Crypt and Sledge Hammer!

During the 1990s Adam, again, split his time between chasing film/TV roles while recording ‘Manners and Physique’ that included thehit ‘Room at the Top’.  The follow-up album, ‘Persuasion’, remains without an official release to this day, but in 1995 Adam released ‘Wonderful’ with its self-titled single and follow-up ‘Gotta Be A Sin’ that were accompanied with successful tours of the UK and USA.  It would be twelve years before Adam would play live again, acoustically, in 2006, when he read extracts from his autobiography ‘Stand & Deliver’. The book laid bare Adam’s childhood and his well-documented mental-health battles.  In 2008, Adam received the ‘Q Music Icon Award’ alongside fellow recipients Paul McCartney and Bryan Ferry.

This rekindled recognition resulted in a series of gigs in 2010 and Adam formed a new band called Adam Ant & The Good, the Mad &the Lovely Posse.  After sold out USA and UK tours in 2012, Adam released his new album, ‘Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter’, in 2013.  The album, a musical autobiography with 17 musical stories about Adam’s life and things that interest him, debuted at #8 on The Official Chart in the UK and climbed to #3 on the UK Indie Albums Chart.

Now, after a successful 2013 UK tour, Adam is bringing his new sound back to his fans on both sides of the pond.

Soundgarden Heats Up a Cold Night in Pittsburgh

When I heard Soundgarden was coming to Pittsburgh’s Stage AE for a May outdoor show I was ecstatic.   I envisioned a warm spring evening accompanied by killer entertainment…well, warm spring evening my ass.  The temperature was in the 30’s, not to mention the rain that occasionally spat at us.  Although somewhat miserable, it did not stop the some 4,000 fans that filled the sold out venue to see the grunge legends.  For the Seattle natives, it probably felt like a taste of home.

After waiting for 1 ½ hours from the time doors opened due to no opening act, the band finally took the stage.  The atmosphere was electric.  The set list was well proportioned to include  twenty plus songs that spanned the group’s career.  They kept a great balance by mixing songs like “By Crooked Steps”, “Halfway There” and “Eyelids Mouth” in with older favorites like “Spoonman”, “Blow Up the Outside World”, “Rusty Chain” and “4th of July”.  Cornell, who spoke little between songs, had the crowd laughing when he asked his tour manager to have the Bayer sign atop Mt. Washington turned off.   “Can we get that sign up there turned off?  It’s very distracting and I feel obliged to read it every time it changes”, said Cornell.  He also went on to state, “Those are non-effective drugs it’s advertising anyway”.

The encore followed suit with the rest of the set with a mix of classic and new with “Been Away Too Long”, “My Wave”, “Black Hole Sun” and “Rowing”.

In the end, one could never tell these guys had taken a 13 year hiatus.  After all of these years, singer Chris Cornell can still mesmerize the crowd with his seductively sultry yet powerful voice. These guys were able to take us on a musical roller coaster ranging from ‘in your face’ head banging into sweet melodic harmonies without missing a beat accompanied by some mind blowing graphics created especially for the tour.    Hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since they visited the Burgh.  The last thing Cornell promised was to not stay away so long this time.  Here is hoping Chris keeps his promise.

*A tip for collectors: At the merch booth the first four posters and vinyl copies of King Animal are autographed and sold at the normal price!

Setlist: Pittsburgh, PA  STAGE AE

  1. Encore:

All photos ©2013 AWeldingphoto & Pittsburgh Music Magazine

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You “Dont Wanna Miss” Sophia Shy (The PGH Music Mag Interview)

This north of the border pop-star is as sweet as she is beautiful.  Working w/ 7 Aurelius, she is well on her way to becoming the next household name in music.  Her new video, “Won’t Stop Your Love” is an animation-styled video that features Sophia as the heroine completing the quest for love.  Sorry boys, she won’t be wearing the outfit from the video when she performs! “Won’t Stop Your Love” is a catchy, upbeat house anthem that has been making its way onto the airwaves throughout the States. She will be debuting two new singles in the Spring, “ Don’t Wanna Miss” and “Break Your Heart Tonight”.

Click on the link to hear Sophia talk about who inspired her musically as a child, what it’s like working with a major music producer, creating an animation video, the motivation behind her songs/lyrics and much more.

Sophia Shy The Pittsburgh Music Magazine interview

NOLA’s Lyrikill Bares Heart & Sole

“It’s time to bring back individuality to this music—while I’m proud of the South’s success, I don’t think it always reflects many of the true elements of Southern living.” Lyrikill is a man who holds his roots deep. ‘The emcee formed close bonds with fellow emcees and established the underground hip-hop and mixtape crew Eupham. Through original elements of hip-hop culture – social awareness, fellowship, cunning lyrical style, and flow friendly production – Eupham represents the principle that hip-hop is more than music, it’s art’.
Lyrikill is on the rise with all of his projects and is not only one hell of an emcee, he is a very talented, introspective, intelligent, and well spoken guy. Read on for an exclusive interview with Lyrikill who explains his passion for hip-hop, shoes, art, and the NOLA community…

Explain your shoe collection, and the story behind what started it.
How many pairs do you own to date?

My shoe collection is undoubtedly a nostalgic trip to my youth. It started in kindergarten, 1985-86…that same year I got the Converse Weapons Magic Johnson/Lakers colorway. I saw the Converse Weapons commercial and begged my mom for them.
Back then, our high school was right across the street from our Elementary school and I rode the bus with high schoolers because my older cousin Big Burt (R.I.P.) was in high school. I remember the respect the older guys gave me, as lil’ man with the nice shoes and I never wanted that moment to end, so I never let it.
Presently I have maybe 200 pairs, Jordans, Dunks, Pumas, Reebok Pumps, Adidas, all kinds of stuff. I have maybe 50-60 in my present wearing rotation. Retro is really more than album title.

What musicians/artists have served as inspiration to you?

I was a visual artist before I started making music so I gain inspiration from everything from Claude Monet to Stevie Wonder to the Television Show “The Wire”. If you listen to my albums Heart & Sole or More Heart More Sole, you’ll hear that I am influenced by soul and jazz as much as hip-hop.
Being from the South, I always thought it was important that we have a true voice to tell people about the hospitality and culture of the South using blues and soul with the narrative elements of classic New York lyricism. So I’m inspired by Nas’ Illmatic as well as Curtis Mayfield’s Claudia soundtrack.
Its been that appreciation for such a heterogeneous mixture of art that makes me who I am artistically. In the end my music represents southern hospitality and 90’s era hip-hop culture.

New Orleans is a city that has undergone a lot of tragedy in the
past few years. What have you been doing to help rebuild the community?


Honestly, that’s not something I like to brag about because I AM that
community. It would be like bragging about rebuilding your own home. I just got straight into the mix when I got back.
I used my resources to help clean up parks and schools. I helped raise money for different organizations. I worked with Operation HOPE to help people recover housing. I tutored kids and mentored a group of young emcees, through a program called Voices.
Shout out to Truth Universal and EF Cuttin for mentoring me throughout my career. That atmosphere has made help others. Peace to cats like 2 Cent, E Buckles & Harn Solo for helping upcoming young artists in New Orleans.

What message are you trying to get across through your music?

My message consists of preservation of the hip-hop culture, southern
hospitality and nostalgia. The sneakers are an extension of hip-hop
culture and nostalgia. Everything I do maintains a familial aura. While I have free-spirited songs, I represent responsibility, humanity and family.
I want to bring hip-hop back into a space where being knowledgeable is the norm. All of these things are representative of how the music used to be, so my goal is to take the listener back to the golden era of social consciousness and creative content.

Tell us about Eupham and how it was started.

Eupham is our record label but I’m now focused more on “Heart & Sole” it’s a lifestyle. Eupham was formed through a partnership with myself and Elevated Minds Music Group, a New Orleans based company and their Distribution Division based in Austin, Texas. Eupham is typically responsible for coordinating and scheduling my releases with Elevated Minds and also instrumental in developing urban events such as Kicks-N-Snares and The Soundclash which Onpoint El has continued to push. Eupham began with the original group Euphonetiks (Phonetically Euphoric) and was formed as our extended family combined under one family based umbrella. We structured that same family-based atmosphere with Heart & Sole as it represents (Family/Culture as “Heart” and Sneakers/Enjoyment as “Sole”).
Team Heart & Sole has done a series of sneaker-based events and we have recently released Retro, an eight song EP headed by the newest single “Do What It Do.”

What are your plans for the future music/tour wise?

We are planning the release of consistent content such as a stream of
music and video content introducing the world to the Lifestyle of Heart & Sole. You’ll be seeing more about our process in securing sneakers, restoring sneakers to mint condition with my man Ammoskunk and creating music.
We’re going to be involved with a lot of sneaker and nostalgic events that represent the true elements of Hip Hop. I’m working heavily with Prospek (GPNYC Artist) in the studio with his project “The Polyphonic Congress” and my next project “Nostalgia” will drop in the Spring around April with tracks from Statik Selektah and Quickie Mart as well Prospek.
We feel our lifestyle relates to millions that share our passion and love for sneakers and authentic hip hop music and we will push that movement that represents our lifestyle. We have a few upcoming shows and are discussing tour options. You can catch me in Lafayette, LA in February and at SXSW.

Thanks for the Interview, Shout Out to Pittsburgh Music Magazine and the staff. You can follow me on Twitter @Lyrikill |
| and other outlets. Hopefully we’ll see
Pittsburgh soon.