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Seth Pfannenschmidt

I have a sizable record collection. Thus, I listen to music, therefore, I write about music, in addition, I play music.

P.F. Seth @ Rex Theater this Friday.

  P.F. Seth plays a stripped down set best described as “dirty folk rock.” Armed with a telecaster and harmonica, he rips through his high energy set full of thought provoking lyrics and unforgettable melodies. P.F. Seth finds his inspiration in heart-break, whiskey, and struggles with God, leaving […]

Sovron Court: Waves and Wheels

Sovron Court is Cameron Sharp. Sovron Court is much more than just Cameron Sharp, however. Sovron Court is a warm memory, a sense of acceptance, enlightenment, tragedy, joy, and hope. Sharp’s songs are a pat on the back to artists who know the struggle–the struggle to create because […]

Feature: “Cockroaches” by Julz Cunda

With the backing of Joanna Haughton’s agency, Julz Cunda is establishing himself as a legitimate player in the Pittsburgh hip hop scene. He reps his hometown without pretentiousness, proud to call Pittsburgh home, but making no glamorous claims. “Cockroaches” utilizes the narrative approach typical of the golden […]

Viva La Fontaisiste!

When did the musical entertainer die? I would opine that, at least within indie-rock circles, it was the rise of “shoe-gaze.” The name alone implies an audience whose focus is shifted away from the act on stage and instead on, you know, their shoes. Pretentious front-men and women […]