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Dawn Cosnotti

Raz Simone drops new track

Raz Simone unleashes a new track called “Trapanese.” The Seattle artist flows for nearly four minutes over a haunting, head-bobber of an instrumental. Raz says the record is directed toward people who truly don’t understand his way of life. If you don’t have all the info, don’t talk […]

blonder debuts new track

 “Sometimes you just know—a song starts, and no more than a few seconds in, a smile creeps onto your face. The actual subject matter of Blonder’s “Talk To Me” isn’t all that optimistic—it’s a story of missed connections—but those bright, buzzy synths and the faraway vocals are irresistible. […]

Queen V Rocks the Barn

Queen V is doing a small tour to promote her ep, Bridges, which dropped in February. This coast-to-coast, limited stop tour included a private show in Pittsburgh. The proceeds helping support the Sewickley YMCA scholarship funds and raised over $30,000. The concert was in a barn like no […]