Waterparks Absolutely Rocks Pittsburgh on “The Property Tour”

By Ryan Carcia

As a passionate music enthusiast, I’ve embarked on a thrilling journey of witnessing my favorite artists evolve, embracing new looks and sounds along the way. It all began during my 10th-grade years when I discovered Waterparks and their debut album, Double Dare. Its irresistible pop-punk essence instantly captivated me, and since then, I’ve closely followed their artistic growth, eagerly witnessing their musical style undergo significant transformations.

Recently, on April 14th, 2023, Waterparks unveiled their fifth full-length album, Intellectual Property—a dynamic exploration of high-energy and vibrant sounds. While this release ventures away from the pop-punk roots that initially drew me in, it remains a fascinating album that unravels new layers with each listen.

Shortly after the release of Intellectual Property, Waterparks embarked on “The Property Tour,” an extraordinary journey featuring incredible support acts Hunny and Elliot Lee. As a devoted fan, I was overjoyed to learn that the tour’s fourth stop would be in Pittsburgh on May 16th, 2023, at Roxian Theatre.

The night kicked off with Elliot Lee, a solo performer who took the stage without any instruments, relying solely on pre-recorded music filling the air. Their unique blend of left-of-center pop and alternative vibes resonated throughout the venue. With a voice that soared in high-pitched tones, reminiscent of a fusion between Melanie Martinez and Billie Eilish, Elliot Lee radiated boundless energy. Their captivating dance moves and engaging interactions with the crowd left everyone spellbound.

Following Elliot Lee’s stellar performance, indie-rock band Hunny stepped into the spotlight. What immediately grabbed my attention were their unconventional over-the-ear headphones, perfectly complementing their distinctive style. The crowd was instantly captivated, nodding their heads and tapping their feet to the infectious rhythm. As Hunny’s set reached its finale, the atmosphere brimmed with uncontainable energy and palpable excitement, as anticipation for the headlining act intensified.

As the venue lights dimmed, a wave of anticipation swept through the air. Suddenly, a spotlight illuminated the stage, revealing Awsten Knight, the lead singer of Waterparks, accompanied by guitarist Geoff Wigington and drummer Otto Wood. A peculiar sight greeted the audience as Knight donned a giant parka, initially causing a collective confusion among the already overheated crowd. However, as the initial surprise dissipated, the show unfolded with unbridled intensity. The audience was immediately absorbed in the electrifying performance, swept away by the musical prowess of Waterparks.

As the concert progressed, Awsten paused to acknowledge the electrifying energy reverberating through the Pittsburgh show. He marveled at how the floor had never shaken as intensely at any previous tour stop. During this intermission, Awsten took the opportunity to introduce Intellectual Property, the band’s fresh album, and highlight its significance to the tour. Seamlessly transitioning into a nostalgic interlude, they revisited a few older tracks, including the memorable “Crave,” which instantly transported me back to the scorching sun and exhilarating atmosphere of Warped Tour. Geoff’s rare solo performance, a fan-favorite moment, further intensified the rush of memories before seamlessly transitioning back to the new material.

As Waterparks continued to unleash songs from the new album, the room brimmed with unyielding energy, undeterred by the seemingly extreme temperatures within the venue. “RITUAL,” a personal favorite of mine, exceeded all expectations when performed live. We bounced and jumped in sync with the music, and at one remarkable point, an enormous circle pit materialized, spanning the entire floor of the theatre. If you’re familiar with the venue, you can fathom the sheer magnitude of this colossal pit.

Following a brief acoustic break, honoring fan requests, the energy soared once again, building up to the climactic closing track from Intellectual Property, “A NIGHT OUT ON EARTH.” Waterparks’ exceptional on-stage production was on full display, with intricate lighting and captivating screens forming a mesmerizing visual feast. The song itself embodied the same energy and grandeur as its title, causing the floor to tremble throughout the performance. As the band exited the stage, chants of “Encore! Encore! Encore!” echoed through the crowd.

In a matter of moments, Waterparks returned, poised to deliver an even more exhilarating encore. They kicked it off with “REAL SUPER DARK,” a personal favorite from Intellectual Property, embodying a ferocious and raucous sound that resonated with my tastes. The encore continued with “Turbulent,” a track from their third studio album, FANDOM, reigniting the massive circle pit. The excitement surged, setting the stage for the ultimate finale, “FUNERAL GREY.” As the last chords reverberated throughout the venue, Waterparks assured their return to Pittsburgh in the near future, leaving a gratified and elated crowd as Roxian Theatre gradually emptied.

Waterparks consistently delivers extraordinary performances, whether as headliners, during their energetic 35-minute sets at Warped Tour, or even in intimate acoustic sessions. Their boundless energy knows no limits, and their devoted fans perpetually match or even surpass their level of enthusiasm. I’m already brimming with anticipation for their next tour!


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