Libricide is a multi-faceted modern rock band based out of New York, USA, fusing styles to create an original sonic experience that broadens your mind and gets stuck in your head. Holding down multiple roles at the forefront of Libricide is Producer/Songwriter/Frontman Harun Gadol, who originally formed the band as a solo project, releasing the first EP Barriers To Entry. Lead Guitarist Dylan Stark joined shortly after, leading the group to Libricide’s self-titled, full-length debut album in 2015. The band was soon on the rise amidst their local tri-state area live circuit, finding Bassist Paul Paldino and drummer James Knoerl along the way to round out the current lineup.

Together, Libricide has released their latest single, “Silence”, the second single in the rollout of their new album Consilience, out April 8th.  “Silence” depicts the world of a concerned and increasingly exasperated citizen in an over-reaching surveillance state. The song jumps in parts between the subject and their issues with modern society, and a falsely placating, propagandizing, “sentient” governmental technology.  “When we were working on this song, we had no idea what the end result was going to be,” explains lead guitarist Dylan Stark. “When you write a tune and flesh it out in either the rehearsal room or the studio, it takes on a life of its own and doesn’t always turn out the way you had originally envisioned. This was one of those tunes. Once we started to work on it and put all of our ideas together, it indeed took on a life of its own &  began to write itself out.”

Silence” was engineered & mixed by John Ferrara at Portrait Recording Studios, and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound. The song is currently available on all streaming platforms. Listen to it now on Spotify or YouTube.

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