New York City’s Libricide Premieres “Over Everything”

New York, NY, rock band Libricide has released their newest single, “Over Everything” off of their upcoming album, Consilience. “Over Everything” is a heavy-hitting Hard Rock offering punctuated by its crunchy, driving guitar riffs.

While lyrically the song encapsulates a growing sentiment of exasperation with the current state of the world in the midst of a global pandemic, it wasn’t necessarily what the band set out to write. “We’ve been going through this pandemic for almost two years now,” says vocalist and guitarist Harun Gadol, “I remember writing this song from a more general sense of frustration. It’s sadly perfect how much it resonates with what we’re all going through now more than ever.”

Gadol also acted as producer on the song, which was engineered and mixed by John Ferrara and mastered by Ted Jensen (The Eagles’ Hotel California, Green Day’s American Idiot)Consilience is slated to be released in its entirety later this year.  

Listen to “Over Everything” on SPOTIFY or on YouTube below: