Graveface Records announces Indiegogo fundraiser

Graveface Records launches fundraising effort with Indiegogo

Rare and recovered vinyl, test pressings, oddities, and more.

Graveface Records launched an Indiegogo fundraiser today in an effort to recoup money lost due to a basement flooding that destroyed an unspeakable amount of Graveface stock and the subsequent (very expensive) legal battle with the distributor who despite being contractually obligated to have insurance covering such disasters, in fact had none.A sad story, yes?

Three years of court dates later, Graveface Records eventually was awarded the recovered stock from the flood, which is now being made available for purchase, along with lots of other fun Graveface goodies.

With 20 tiers of “perks” (and more to come), you’ll find everything from MP3s and CDs to rare and unreleased vinyl to handmade “Ouija” style talking boards. Additionally, the new Marshmellow Ghosts Halloween album will be available exclusivelythrough this fundraiser.

Head on over to Indiegogo for lots more information and please help us spread the word by sharing the news with your readers.

Watch the fundraiser video on YouTube by clicking here or the image above.