CLIFFTOP VANDALZ pres. “Messages” ft The Hidden Sound

About the Video:

Time for a change of pace, this is a journey into the more intimate and emotional side of The Hidden Sound, as they take you through 3 stories of real life tragedy in today’s society.

We bring you the official video for “MESSAGES”. Sin of The Hidden Sound tells the stories while Master QBall of The Hidden Sound brings the song to life with his violin.

The song is off the album “Global Vandalizm”, solely produced by the swiss duo Clifftop Vandalz.

Find links to video and album below.

About Clifftop Vandalz

DJ Spleen and Sevsnite linked up in August 2012. Both are born in switzerland. They listen to hiphop so they had the same interests and listened to the same music. So they had the idea to make beats together and the „CLIFFTOP VANDALZ“ were founded in early october 2012. Since then they have been making beats together. It’s not easy to reach people with Hip-Hop where they live so the Clifftop Vandalz decided to do this music worldwide and connect with people from all over the world. They usually use a lot of sample stuff and boom bap drums. Early 2013 they hooked up with C.RAE from australia and a month later they put out the “BLOODY PAGES (Remix EP)” together with C.RAE for free download. After that the Clifftop Vandalz decided to do a full album, also for free download, called “GLOBAL VANDALIZM”.

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