CSS Releases “Hangover” RAC Remix + “Hangover + Remixes” Bundle Out July 23rd

“Hangover + Remixes” Bundle To Be Released July 23rd

Anyone who drinks has done it before: You have a few too many cocktails, go to bed and wake up the next day with a headache or worse. And yet the next time Saturday night comes around we go searching yet again for the next cool bar, fun song and tasty drink.

It is in this once-is-never-enough spirit that CSS has released a remix by RAC of “Hangover”, the track from their newest album Planta. This remix will be included in a bundle, to be released July 23rd, titled Hangover + Remixes. The bundle will also include a Dre Skull remix of “Hangover” as well as the original track.

Produced by TV On The Radio’s David Sitek (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Santigold), Planta’s infectious tones show a unique combination of pop, dance, punk and reggae that make for the perfect summer soundtrack. Listen to the remix HERE.

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