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Sensual Harassment’s “Capri Suntan” Epic Hipster Love Story Video + FREE EP Escape From Alpha Draconis

While looking for visual inspiration for their new single “Capri Suntan”, Sensual Harassment stumbled across some amazing 8mm footage featuring a young beach-bound couple living in Hawaii in 1965.  After contacting the YouTube user who posted the video, the band learned that it was the couple’s’ son who posted the footage, which had been thought to be lost for the last 25 years.  After being offered the raw and uncut home movie footage to use for their video, the band thought it would be fitting to recut a new video for their song using the footage to tell the love story of the young couple –  a posthumous collaboration since the cameraman and father in question, Melvin P. Miller, had long since passed away.  The result is a striking and evocative portrait of an intimate love affair in a beautiful place (Oahu, Hawaii) in a much simpler time (1965),  set to Sensual Harassment’s hook-laden and delicately nostalgic “Capri Suntan”.  Creating a sort of love letter from beyond the grave, the inimitable vintage 8mm footage frames the time capsule in a way that reminds you that things will never be so innocent again.


Sensual Harassment is giving away their haunting pop song “Capri Suntan” along with their entire EP Escape From Alpha Draconis on their homepage