Arcanium’s Ontogenesis ‘Steps Into Uncharted Metal Territory’

With a recently acquired distribution contract through The Orchard/Rocket Science Ventures and a full-page spread in Revolver Magazine, Arcanium has released what they refer to as a “step into uncharted metal territory,” with their second album Ontogenesis. The album is quickly bestowing its fierce revolutionary pandemonium upon metal fans everywhere, garnering well-deserved worldwide recognition. “We went so far outside of the ‘normal’ way of writing songs with this album that we felt it didn’t fit into any existing genre and deserved an entirely new one, so we made our own and called it ‘Innovative Metal,'” proclaims J.Sinn, the band’s lead vocalist. “Yeah, people will always try to throw you into some existing category or sub-genre, but this is truly different, heavy as fuck but with a lot of peaks and valleys. You want to hear it for yourself.” Teaming up with videographer Roy Warner (Battlecross, Havok, etc.), the band has shot and is now editing a video for “Severed Moment,” track five of eleven from the new album. The video will make its premiere July 10, 2013. Pick up a copy of Ontogenesis today. Available everywhere.

Arcanium 2013 (Square) JPG