The Toxic Avenger Single Out Now, Video Drops w/ SPIN

Romance & Cigarettes Single Package Out Now via Roy Music,
“Romance & Cigarettes” Video Unleashed w/ SPIN!

Full-Length Sophomore Album Drops October 8th.

“…a punchy, electro-pop hybrid with grand ambitions (that’s nerd for “arena-ready”), welding together the Temper Trap’s soldiering tempos and Phoenix’s inescapable pop sensibilities” 



French DJ and producer Simon Delacroix, better known as The Toxic Avenger, produces music that speaks to the darkest depths of the imagination- fusing a chilling mix of pulsing electronic music and crime scene noir. Hot on the heels of his debut full-length album, ANGST, last year, The Toxic Avenger is back with a “vengeance”: the Romance & Cigarettes single package is out now, and the upcoming LP of the same name is set for release on October 4th. The Romance & Cigarettes single package contains the original mix alongside an extended LP version and a buzzy remix from acclaimed French producer DEMON.

We previously unveiled the “Romance & Cigarettes” MP3, a deliciously dark electro collaboration with Anglo-French singer José Reis Fontao. Today, The Toxic Avenger unleashes the rebellious, action-packed “Romance & Cigarettes” video. The instantly grabbing, adrenaline-pumping piece features unruly hijinks set within the confines of an empty supermarket- from skateboarding down an escalator to high-speed trolley racing and indoor water fights. The video is pure, disobedient fun that fulfills an anarchistic fantasy we’ve all had at least once. Check out the “Romance & Cigarettes” video where it premiered with SPIN or HERE.

In addition to sharing stages with artists like Diplo, MSTRKRFTBloody Beetroots andCrystal Castles, The Toxic Avenger has made a name for himself remixing tracks byLadytronBenny BenasiChromeo and others. Stay tuned for more exciting news from The Toxic Avenger as he spreads his reign of terror across the US!