Fiver premieres “The Undertaker” from Lost The Plot …Album out on Tuesday, September 10th via Triple Crown

Stream/Download “The Undertaker”:
Fiver has premiered “The Undertaker, the new single from their forthcoming debut, Lost The Plot. The album is available on Tuesday, September 10 via Triple Crown Audio (Destroyer, Ladyhawk, Duffy & The Doubters, SPORTS).
Fiver was birthed in 2012 as a medium for Simone Schmidt (The Highest Order & One Hundred Dollars) to write and record original material unencumbered by outside aesthetic or group ideology. It’s a place of reflection and an outlet to tell new and old tales with clear fidelity and control. Fiver is a band. Fiver is a solo act. Fiver takes many shapes and forms. It’s dynamic, sometimes personal, and undoubtedly political. The nine songs on Lost The Plot engage the spirit and soul. They are introspective at times, others, outgoing and frenetic, even treading into madness.
“The Undertaker” is an apt introduction. Opening with a weaving organ that sounds like it was drawn from the soundtrack of an Italian horror film, the song is a macabre masterwork. Its creeping pace and forboding tone show Schmidt in peak form as she calmly proclaims, “I’m the undertaker, I’m gonna hold you last.”

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