The Maine Tells PGHMUSICMAG About Forever Halloween/ Live @ Altar Bar Sunday July 7

This Sunday, July 7, The Maine is headlining Altar Bar in Pittsburgh with the insanely catchy pop-rock band This Century opening up. The Maine is touring in support of their just released new album, Forever Halloween, which is getting rave reviews from critics and was produced by Brendan Benson of The Raconteurs as their fourth studio album and second consecutive independent album since leaving Warner Brothers Records. The Maine’s story has been building for the last several years and with the momentum from the new album it’s looking they’ll find breakout success. They’re wildly popular and have a massive worldwide fan base.

Pittsburgh Music Magazine caught up with percussionist Patrick Kirch just before they hit Pittsburgh this Sunday…

Was there a specific reason that you went to “live recording” for Forever Halloween?
PAT- We wanted to try something different than we had done before and expand on what we have been able to do in the past. We wanted to bring a new energy into the process
Were their any specific influences that you looked to inspiration for this particular recording?
PAT- It is so hard to pick just a few bands because we are always inspired by music and I’m sure it bleeds into what we do. We never try and sound like another band or sound like a certain record, we just make the music that comes to us.
You guys went independent for this record…any reservations about taking that route?
PAT- We more or less did the exact same thing on the last record so we just continued doing what we were doing. We didn’t have any fears with doing it this way, we have always been very hands on with what we do.
What did working with Raconteurs’ Brendan Benson bring to the creative process?
PAT- I think he just opened our eyes to a new way of doing things and made us listen to our own music with a fresh set of ears. He really helped us get out of our own way and be o.k. with mistakes and doing things a different way. He also was just a big supporter and encouraged us to get better takes.
What is that you like about touring and what do you like least about touring…other than fires in your tour bus! (see The Maine’s daily blog for more on that…)
PAT- I like playing for the people who support us and have for so long, it is great to try and give back to them. Being away from home is not the best but it does not really bother me anymore, I love playing every night!
Thanks for taking the time to do the interview!