Noisey Premieres The Goldberg Sisters New Video ‘Stranger’s Morning’

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Praise For The Goldberg Sisters:

“Effects-heavy, urbane psychedelia held together by Goldberg’s high-pitched, Lennon-esque croon” –Magnet

“Frequent flashes of late-era Beatles, but a closer comparison is mid Nineties Mercury Rev, with whom this shares a shambling, laid back, lysergic mood, and a cautious but persistent approach to experimentation” –Drowned in Sound

“Woven together an intricate album that puts a psychedelic sheen across the treble-timbered sounds of the 70s” — LA Record

“A lush, psychedelic 70’s indebted rock album that tips a hat at classic song writing from the likes of John Lennon and Elvis Costello while retaining a compelling weirdness all of its own” –Dazed and Confused [UK]

“Appealingly adventurous and opulently beautiful music. It has the space age vibe of those ‘70s glam albums—think David Bowie and Mott the Hoople” –Popmatters

Photo Credits: Adam Goldberg

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