Joey Groon Premieres “Let It Go” on PGHMUSICMAG


Listen here to the new single “Let It Go”!

Your new single “Let It Go”, which will be released July 1st, what is it about?
It’s about how to let go on old anger and frustrations from old relationships. So that you can go into a new one with a clearer mind. I think the main reason why I even wrote it was to get even with a lot of my own history. It’s very melancholic, minimalistic and haiku’ish in its lyrics, which suits the quite demanding beat very well. And the fact that it’s a typical club/R&B-hit gives it that old disco flavour and theme about unrequited love, just as Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”.

Your new single “Let It Go” is highly influenced by the genres R&B/Pop, what are your artistic preferences?
My preferences lie in the classic Soul-genre actually. Marvin Gaye and his “Midnight Lady” album has highly influenced my use of Synthetic drums and Synthesizers. But the reason why R&B began to influence me was not that every other pop artist work in the R&B/Pop area today, but simply the fact that the R&B music suited my way of expressing myself and my crooning voice. In Denmark the R&B genre is not that common as the Rock/Pop genres are. So I suddenly found an area of pop-music I felt was my own, my home. And in Denmark I had the time to explore it and what my angle were to it. I think there is a big misconception in Northern Europe that R&B/Pop music aren’t as well accepted as other genres. Due to the fact that in Denmark we’re raised with a certain Folk/Acoustic music. The R&B/Pop and even Soul music is a set of genres that most of the older generations only were raised with through the transatlantic radio stations. If you ment influences for this specific single “Let It Go”, I’d say David Bowie. Or a certain mix between David Bowie, Stevie Wonder and Pharrell Williams. Haha!

All the way from Denmark, Europe to the U.S, that must be quite a cultural journey?
It sure is, did you know there is more than 3,856 miles between these two countries? Furthermore the population of Denmark is only approx. 5 million people, which could easily be a small state in the U.S. So it is quite a journey, and it has surely opened my eyes. I think the transformation from a small European musician to an International artist is a journey that needs a lot of preparation, so it’s not easy to say if I’d succeed or not. I just stay open-minded.

Your collaboration with U2 Producer Pete Maher; How Did That Happen?
My agent Donnie Osborne helped me reach out to Pete Maher. His first mastering job was my song “Maybe September” from my “Maybe September – EP” released this year as well. I find Pete Maher’s positivity and his encouraging attitude very helpful during the mixing process! His roster of U2, The Rolling Stones and many more surely is well deserved.

Can you mention one thing we don’t know about Denmark?
We have one of the oldest royal families of Europe, haha!


photographer: Lior Zilberstein