The Wheals Realize It’s “Diamond Time”


Hey Pittsburgh! Guess what? You probably have family or close friends that know something about the mining business. And we’ve all heard that the Steel City produced a ton of coal back in the day. Some say diamonds, renowned as a material with superlative physical qualities, most of which originate from the strong bonding between its atoms come from coal.  Needless to say, there’s been a covalent bonding occurring between men for the past 8 years.  These particular guys have called their experience “The Wheals”.

The Wheals strive to transcend a genre specific definition. Elements of reggae, gospel, folk, rock and country illustrate the band’s sound. The Wheals, with their new release, “Diamond Time” display refreshing originality as well as mature musicianship.

The Wheals are Joe Piacquadio– guitar, vocals, Brad Barron– bass, guitar, vocals, TJ Connolly-bass, guitar, vocals, Jere Bucek-drums, vocals, and Jake Breiding-keyboard, guitar, vocals.

Stream their new record here.

Diamond Time Favs:

“8 Mile Shuffle”- great openers, bar room feel w honky tonk piano and horn swells, being a huge Dr. John fan this tune does it for me, little Jersey southside-jukey feel too with sax stabs and nice guitar work…..”just a little bit of muscle and little bit of hustle that’s all”

“Unknown Energy” and “Heavy”- reggae swag, with Santana flavor from the guitars, ole organ sounds plowing away!

“Rain On The Rooftop”- “every time you pack your suitcase and leave town it’s like rain on my rooftop…” great lyrics and vocal take on this number. This is a songwriter’s gem.  The fact that WYEP wouldn’t play this track (or any of these for that matter) blows my mind.  #missingthemusic

“Sorry Baby”- pedal steel madness, taking a page out of a Levon Helms book.  I want to hear the vocal charge a bit more. Southern stylistically with country chops. “Oh Momma” snuggles up real nice with previous track “she picked up my head and she showed me the way …she brought back a life that I once tossed away”

“Witness”-  texas style blues attitude, soul rich guitars, lazy groove, give me another whiskey. “Livin Lovin Lyin Dyin Bossman” – western rockabilly, slide guitars and a swindler singing a good old story.

“Jody Was A Player” – I’m hearing some J Geils phrasing vocally and rich changes.

I really dig The Wheals. I’m not really familiar with older material but suspect this a more mature effort from the guys.  They obviously are collective in the songwriting process. There is no instrument out of place or leading the charge.  This album is made up of good damn songs man the only way records should be made!

Check them out!

CD Release Party @ Club Cafe June 22!

Rob Eldridge