Wilson Thrash 2013: New Album Worth Your Weekend


This ten-track mammoth begins with a satirical opening mic-check, blasting into a power-chord, and some marvelously raunchy vocals. For the few of you out there that might snag this reference, Chad Nicefield (vocalist) champions a tinge of “Refused” singer (Dennis Lyxzén) style, which I really don’t hear often.  Nicefield also seems to have a bit of an interesting Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw) vocal influence? Regardless of procuring taste, this five-piece from Michigan will leave you on your ass after they rage through a town near you.

This rightfully titled album “Full Blast F***ery” is just largely an enormous album to get you pumped.  In my mind, it sounds a lot like the soundtrack to the “Jackass” Sagas…but maybe amped up worse than they were.  There is also a pleasant savor of a Van Halen 80’s metal influence on track number 4 “College Gangbang,” just to take things back to their roots.

The song titles are slightly less than professional, but that’s what Wilson stands for.  Breaking the monotony of the 9-5 work grind, these dudes are busy espousing all that it means to be rockstars.  They don’t mess around when it comes to getting the job done in the recording studio, with real instruments and not a bunch of computers and synthesizers the way a lot of good hard rock is recorded these days.  Wilson is a REAL touring band that doesn’t try to be anything other than real, which this ten-track album is – much the opposite of ethereal.

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The old-school 90’s revolt mentality is brought back by these guys in their album artwork as well.  The cover reminds me of Crash Bandicoot with rabies, it’s pretty cool.  I think my favorite track is titled, “Viking P***ies, F*** off.”  I can assimilate this notion, since I’m not the biggest fan of Viking metal.  Not only is this title hilarious and accurate, the track is also a super slick and rad transition into the 8th track, followed by “Susan Jane.”  This track is balls to the wall badass, with an intense breakdown resembling something solid. The sound almost envelops slides Mark Morton and Willie Adler would collaborate on.

Listening to this album, I envision back flips into pools off 3 story buildings, lighting things on fire, or maybe what it might sound like inside your mind if you stole a car (which we do not advise).  The album itself is systematized bedlam, enrapturing all of your senses and inner angst into a quiet revolt at your office desk.  It’s the perfect illustration of the white-collar HR manager tearing his tie off and slamming some bourbon with his buddies after a long week of dealing with a slew of incompetent interns.  Pre-order your copy of “Full Blast F***ery” today and transform up your summer weekends to what they should have been all along.

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