AF Rome Displays How He Takes the Edge Off in “Stress Reliever”



At the peak of its success, Pittsburgh native and R.A.R.E. Nation artist, AF Rome puts his clever and smoke-worthy spin on the J.Cole and Miguel hit single “Power Trip”. AF Rome displays how he takes the edge off in “Stress Reliever”



A successful corporate job holder, R.A.R.E. Nation’s AF Rome boasts a college degree as well as the discipline and work ethic necessary to flourish in any environment.  His message emphasizes a life of luxury and fashion, but not in the disillusioned sense most artists fall for.  He stresses that everything you want in life, you have to work for yourself to create.  Don’t settle for a normal, comfortable lifestyle and once you have achieved your success, celebrate it.  Using rhymes centered on feel-good vibes, his strength comes from providing substance bar for bar while maintaining an easy listening experience.  AF Rome is currently preparing his debut project from R.A.R.E. Nation, set to release in 2014.