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Desert Stars Announces New Album Habit Shackles, To Be Released July 16th



Download New Track “With The Bears” 

“Breezy luscious harmonies” – MTV Hive
“Ethereal vocals until atmospheric guitar chords envelop the pulsating bass line” – MTV Hive

Built on the creative output of Janelle Best’s skills as a classically-trained violinist,Desert Stars is a band that dispatches its own brand of psych-pop with intricately-layered instrumentation, lush harmonies and atmospheric guitar topped by Best’s dreamy tenor.

 “With The Bears” begins slowly, building with warmth like a morning sunrise. As the track progresses Best’s voice glides above the song’s instrumentation with ease. Listen to it now courtesy of its premiere on MTV Hive.

Along with Best and Hill, Desert Stars is comprised of guitarist Eric Altesleben, bassist Tim Edgar and drummer Gregg Giuffré, a quintet whose music has the effect we only wish Phil Spector had produced for The Jesus and Mary Chain. With twelve tracks of languid harmony and reverb, Habit Shackles (available on July 16th) is certain to resonate with fans of Nico, Cat Power and their ilk.

You catch Desert Stars live at Union Hall in New York City on June 22nd, and be on the look out for more coming soon!