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Zed’s “Desperation Blues” is Blues Metal for Barbeques and Beer


Incandescent vocals deliver a warm, southern rock blues style, enveloping raspy undertones. “Desperation Blues,” a monumental, smooth and funky grind leave a nice “blues metal” taste in my mouth, an allusion to thumb through my iTunes in search for a similar sound following a full listen of this new ten track monster of an album. Zed encourage the ominously (and ironically) fuzzy feel-good southern sounds of bands like Clutch, and somehow a nice flavor of the stinging, whiskey soaked guitar chords of Mastodon. Although lyrically sinister, tracks including “Please” are desperate, yet radiant in a sense. The attitude of the album in general is relative to struggle, and elicits the very sound of rising above difficulty…with a smile on your face.

At times, vocalist/guitarist Pete Sattari reveals a somber Days of the New style, transitioning into a smoky, Phil Anselmo Pantera panache, if you will. Nice chunky chord progressions and strong lyrics parallel the delivery of the solid blasts of Rich Harris behind the drums. Guitar harmonies performed throughout “Desperation Blues” from Satarri and Lopez are vaguely similar to that of the heavy and mammoth Kim Thayil of early Soundgarden.

Overall, “Desperation Blues” will be a perfect summer anthem for outdoor metal barbeques and beer, (if you’re that righteous of an entertainer, of course). As somewhat of a “Country” girl, this album, vocal tonality, structure, distortion, everything paint an uncanny picture of blasting real and old-school powerful rock with those perfectly timed breakdowns through the windows of my car, just feeling like a total badass. You become the sound and beguilement itself. This album will take you back to easy summer memories, or be the lucky soundtrack to creating novel ones at a new chapter in your life.


Pete Sattari- Guitar/Vox
Rich Harris – Drums
Greg Lopez – Guitar
Mark Aceves – Bass


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