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VOWS EP Out 6/4, MP3 Drops w/ Under The Radar

“Symbol System” MP3 Drops w/ Under The Radar 

“…a grinding tune, that takes cues from the likes of Bauhaus, The Cure, and things that go bump in the night.” – Under The Radar

Australian duo VOWS crafts music fit for a seedy, underground dance club: infectious beats, grinding synths, and mechanistic, post-punk tinged guitar lines. Made up of Sydney natives Matt and Rizz, VOWS draws inspiration from film, literature, romance, and the pop culture the two grew up on.  Now based in NYC, the duo will release their new self-titled EP on June 4th.

EP track “Symbol System” features discordant guitar melodies, buzzing synths, booming piano and an irregular electro beat that keeps you on your toes. Featuring vocals from both Matt and Rizz, the song sets an eerie mood of mystery and intrigue. You can download the “Symbol System” MP3 where it premiered with Under The Radar today or HERE.

EP opener “Councillor” buzzes with electric energy, with layers of fuzzy synth and a heavy beat beneath melodic, intertwining vocals. “I Think I Remember” is led by catchy guitar lines and finds Matt and Rizz’s voices twisting and turning in perfect sync. The appropriately-titled “Ghost Years” is a slower, melancholic cut with a shadowy, haunting quality, while the atmospheric “Bones” closes out the EP with layers of swirling synth and a pulsating beat.