Avenged Sevenfold Releases A Sneak Peak                

Just yesterday, May 9th, Avenged Sevenfold has finally released another little clip to their “Mystery Radio” on their website.  The mysterious radio appeared on their website only a few weeks ago.  In the mean time, they have been randomly tweeting things to get fans extremely pumped for the new record.  It has defiantly grabbed the attention of their fans and raised a lot of questions.  Now, on the last channel of the radio you get to hear an instrumental preview of a new song and you also get to hear M. Shadows talking about finding inspiration after “Nightmare” and how excited he is for the new record which is set to release sometime this year.  The sound clip that you get to listen to has a real nice metal vibe and groove to it.  You get the Avenged Sevenfold feel but it reminds you a bit of Black Sabbath when you listen to it.  All though they are taking their time with it, so far it’s worth the wait.  M. Shadows also mentions that the record is taking longer than expected, but they wanted it to be some of their best work and make sure they are more than comfortable with it.  As of now, I am beyond excited for this new album after hearing the new clip.  Keep a look out for more Avenged Sevenfold clips randomly popping up until they finally announce a release date and more.