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Swedish Avant-Garde/Psych Trio Kriget Announces LP “Dystopico” + MP3 “Sleeping with Buddha”


Kriget (meaning ‘The War’ in Swedish) is an experimental rock trio from Stockholm, Sweden. These gentlemen distill music all the way down to its darkest, evil and uplifting primal essence. Arguably one of Sweden’s best kept secrets, the trio will be releasing their long awaited LP, Dystopicodigitally on July 2nd, with a vinyl release to follow. Consequence of Sound has premiered track number one off Dystopico“Sleeping with Buddha.”  The discordant introduction of a buzzing fly and heavy drumming builds slowly, perhaps cacophonous at first, until the1:47 mark hits and the saxophone helps the song blossom into a strange yet beautiful work of art. We dare you not to feel something. 

A kind of purity lies within this psychedelic trio’s grasp. With just bass, drums and a furious saxophone they take inspiration from pioneers in the margins of pop. A place where music, mystery and noise always will be perfect bedfellows. While Kriget’s sound and live performance is frequently called unique, a few reference points the trio can agree on include: CybotronDAFPeter BrötzmannJames Chance and Ornette Coleman.

North America has only seen the release of What a Day, the debut longplayer from our Swedish friends, as well as a 7” featuring two songs off of Dystopico, “Holy Mountain” and “Aghori Diet” (Released in February via The Control Group). Dystopico is the band’s third release. It is not electronic – it’s mechanical. It’s not reverential – it’s rather just essential.
Kriget takes the idea of dystopia and raises the bar introducing the term “Dystopico.” Dystopico describes our civilization as an inferno, a beautiful and frightening world where the well known gets unexpected dimensions, where the catastrophe threatens and where the war is present, a never ending fatal war.
The music featured on Kriget’s Dystopico is the perfect soundtrack for such a war. It will be released on BLVVD, a mysteriously dark new Stockholm based collective. Kriget is: Gustav Bendt (saxophone), Per Nordmark (drums), and Christoffer Roth (bass). 

Stay tuned for the visual component for “Sleeping with Buddha.”


“The song [Holy Mountain] is so hard to pin down. At times, it feels almost cartoonishly upbeat, but the free jazz business of the whole thing erodes that vibe in favor of something more murky and ominous.” – FADER

“Experimental Swedish trio Kriget have a knack for eluding a comfortable ending or a straight presentation: their mixture of frantic drums, bruised bass, and maniacal saxophone work perverts typically accessible riffs, leaving them sinister and stalking.”  – AdHoc

“At times they feel like a droning, loud noise band, but they have throbbing beats, digital accents and dramatic, off-kilter melodies that make it closer to electronic dance music, on crack”
“HOLY MOUNTAIN” // First Single

DYSTOPICO // Out Digitally This July via BLVVD

1. Sleeping with Buddha
2. Malocchio
3. Dystopico
4. Holy Mountain
5. Aghori Diet
6. He Lives in the Same Forest as Me
7. Say No More
8. Don’t Worry, It Will Be Over Soon
9. King of the Cowboys
10. Ordinary Accidentally