The End Men at Rockwood Music Hall & other stories…

From  Our Good Friends…The End Men NYC:
Hello dear friends and extended family,

It’s been a while since our last email. We’ve been on our US tour and back, and shared amazing music and life adventures with great people and artists.

Now it is time for us to sit down and share some of the great news with you all.

First off, we’re excited to invite you to our next show at Rockwood Music Hall (stage I), this Friday, May 3rd at 8pm.

Here is the full schedule:

Show is free, and we’d love your support on this one! Plus, we haven’t seen many of your faces in quite some time, and we have some rock’n’roll love to give you. Come get it…

Second great piece of news: our new album Play With Your Toys is now available for streaming at

And last but not least, we’d love to share our interview with It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine that came out this past weekend. This is an interesting blog, with nice and passionate music lovers contributing to it. Check it out and support them!

This is it for now. Hope you enjoy the above, and feel free to get in touch!
We are seriously looking forward to seeing you this Friday.

Much love,
Liv – The End Men