FIST TO THE SKY to release new album



Chicago-based melodic metal band FIST TO THE SKY is releasing a new album this coming June. I was recently given the opportunity to check these guys out and I am officially impressed. Their first album, Light the World Up was produced by guitarist Hollywood. Massive melodic tones paired with classic heavy metal sounds leave a true statement for the band’s first album. My favorite track, New Addiction, has powerful lyrics. Not only does the band play great music- they are also skilled lyrically.

Their sophomore work, Down Into Hell, showcases their technical ability. The title track, Down Into Hell, is delivered with striking vocals by Mickey Murder. Being a bassist myself, I can appreciate the funky bass lines that Murder plays which will appeal to a broad spectrum of fans. The anthem-like lyrics of Another Lesson Learned, the next track, are paired with sophisticated guitar licks delivered by Flipo and Hollywood.

Consistently through all of the music I heard, drummer JD maintains the powerhouse of metal with classic heavy beats. This band deserves the recognition they are getting, it is extremely difficult to make metal beautiful and they’ve accomplished it.  The band’s first two albums are available for download on iTunes and AmazonMP3. Additionally, you can snag the jam Fight Me for free on their website.

Check FIST TO THE SKY out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Don’t miss their new album out this June…

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