PA Native ANGI3 Drops 2nd Single “Talk Sh*t”

Lyric Video for Rapper/EmCee ANGI3’s new single “Talk Shit” features fun in the club with Drag Queens!

Still teetering on the fence between pop princess and raunchy emcee, both sides ofANGI3’s considerably versatile, on-a-dime talent come out in “Talk Shit,” which dares purist rap bloggers to well, you know…talk. It’s an anthem for the ladies, a warning for the men, and somewhat of a gauntlet for hip-hop culture, as a reminder that nobody’s safe from the gossip no matter how they front. Producer/collaborator Good Goose’s snappy, atypically intense production matches the rollercoaster of timbres and boasts, from halftime march to double-time snare fills to Euro dance bridge.  With a deceptively simple hook, you can practically hear Ke$ha’s neon, zebra striped underwear changing color from not thinking of it first.


Accompanying this single are an Electro House mix from Marcos Carnaval and aProgressive mix from KoKo.

Out exclusively on Beatport 4/16, iTunes and all other DSPs 4/30.

AM:Racket | Tommy Boy Entertainment